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    关于我们about us

    Beijing Green Animal Husbandry S&T Development Co.,LTDwas established in 2010 as an agriculture company. Our main business are foreign forage varieties selection, introduction and promotion, sales, domestic grass research and development, cultivation, production, processing and forage planting technology support, etc. The company ranks top three among the domestic grass seed enterprises.
    Beijing Green Animal Husbandry S&T Development Co.,LTD has the Import and export qualifications which issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. The company has established closely cooperation relations with forage breeding and seed production company of United States, Australia, France Canada and other countries, We have the exclusive distributition right for plenty of foreign forage grass varieties. Moreover, the performance of the 3 silage corn varieties which were breeded by our company are very outstanding.
    The company has strong scientific research and technology strength, we established "forage and silage research&development center" with national feed engineering technology research center which is belongs to the Ministry of science and technology. In order to provide complete technical services, the company gradually established a professional technical team formed by doctors and masters. We execute the" import of brown midrib forage sorghum variety resource and breeding technology " and "high technology of processing and storage of alfalfa's moisture content and forage quality evaluation of new indicators" two national "948" projects successfully with China agricultural university. In addition, the company regularly organize forage planting technology training, until now has been successfully held four sessions of large grass planting technology training, more than one thousand people attend the training.
    Beijing Green Animal Husbandry S&T Development Co.,LTD has been hired as Grass planting technology support company by enterprises and some government institutions. We cooperated closely with many large domestic forage production enterprises and institutions. The total alfalfa promotion area is up to several million acres, and The number is in expanding.
    Beijing Green Animal Husbandry S&T Development Co.,LTD devote itself to building a complete grass seed industry chain.

    Beijing Green Animal branch companies
    Ningxia Green Animal Grass industry co., LTD.

    The company focus on the breeding and seed production of excellent varieties, it is dedicated to the selection of silage maize varieties. 3 varieties of silage corn have been examined and approved. Establishing alfalfa seed breeding base of “Zhongmu No. 3” in Pingluo County Ningxia. The company cooperate with grassland management station of Ningxia autonomous region to set up experimental bases for forage varieties display and variety comparison.

    Beijing Wanchengyuan agricultural science and technology co., LTD
    The first international standard grass seed coating company in China which is engaged in grass seed coating. The company has introduced international advanced seed coating equipment and high quality coating materials from bayer, Germany. The quality of coating is far above the industry average in China.
    Beijing Green Animal insist "professional achieve career", adhere to the promotion of high-quality forage seeds, providing the most advanced and practical technical support. The company willing to work with colleagues to realize a Win-win cooperation, create the vigorous future together.

    Contact us:
    Beijing Green Animal Husbandry S&T Development Co., LTD
    Add: Room 602 , Unit 1 ,Block B , Lanchou Famous Building,Jiqingli , Chaoyang District , Beijing ,P.R.C 100020 
    Email:baiqingyuan@baiqingyuan.com  / forage@126.com
    Tel:010-82609543 / 65518916
    Web:www.nferc-silage.com  www.flashfingerspinner.com